What About Bob?

Bob Edwards understands humans. He’s been one for 55 years! He helps organizations realize that human error is common and can even be expected in complex work environments. He demonstrates how, when something bad happens, our focus needs to shift from blaming those doing the work to a look at the system they are working in. Bob draws on his life experience from the military, working in industry, outdoor adventure sports and raising a family of 12 kids to bring his presentation about Human Performance to life. Bob has worked for one of the world’s largest corporations, at medium sized companies and has been self-employed. He uses a humorist style to talk about his own failures and successes in life to help others relax a little about failure and focus more on learning and collaboration.

He is a leading expert on Human Performance Learning Teams and has led over hundreds of Learning Team sessions for safety and quality events and for operational upsets and challenging design issues. His approach is practical and easy to use. He brings real value to those who do the work and helps managers understand better the complexity and adaptive nature of work. He leads organizations to improve operational discipline through empowerment of employees and forward accountability. Bob is high energy and engaging and the audience will find that they have gone on a journey of learning and discovery during his presentation and at the same time acquired valuable tools for solving complex problems in the workplace. Bob has a BS degree in mechanical engineering from Tennessee Technological University and MS degree in Advanced Safety Engineering Management from the University of Alabama Birmingham.