Thank you so much. Your presentation was really inspiring. I want to say life-changing even. I’ve been stuck in a place of blaming for almost a year now. Able to see myself in that spot but not seeing a way out. I was just so frustrated with my inability to keep people from getting hurt by making mistakes. I was furious at them. Why couldn’t they just stop? Lightbulb moment yesterday – duh, they can’t stop not because they are stupid (they are not), or willfully careless, but just because they are human and that’s what humans do. We screw up. Now to go figure out how to apply that realization to our safety program!

Thanks again for a really thought provoking presentation.


Bob, I hope all is well and you are having a good summer. I was checking out your website and noticed that you have some availability next month. Would you by any chance want to make a trip to our facility to teach fundamentals of HOP and an introduction to Learning Teams? A lot of people in my company are attempting to teach HOP, which is great, but I’m looking for the real H.O.P. COACH!!!!”

-Karly, Site EHS Manager

Bob, We really appreciate your continued investment in our organization and for how generous you are with sharing your knowledge. We are just getting started but already see an incredible future. If more organizations, big and small, recognize the role and impact they can play in transformation through a culture of learning, I believe it could change the trajectory of our nation.

For example, one of our employees in 2014 had not read a single book. In 2015 he listened to over 30 audiobooks and read several more including Todd’s book. Right now he is helping our fab and maintenance team on reorganizing their shop floor, has introduced a new sales system that uses iPads to help our outside sales team and has helped several other co-workers with getting setup with audiobooks. Right after today’s training an employee named Adrian shared he and his wife have listened to many of Mr. Conklin’s podcasts. I asked if he could help the other team leads get setup on their phones and he jumped at the chance.

Every mind that is re-awakened to the “joy of learning” is contagious. It really makes a difference and it spreads! And with HOP we hope to be able to better communicate and support learning teams and re-training our approach to failure and make learning fun again! Our #1 goal is to grow our people and yet we have so much to learn on how to create an organization that best supports this. It is encouraging to have mentors like you and Todd available to help us along the journey since we have never walked this path ourselves.

All the Best,

David Schmidgall VP
Hancock Concrete Products

Bob gets results in 7 minutes not 7 weeks, he will captivate the group and take them no a learning journey that will leave them changed. Bob helps us see in a way that makes us better able to learn from events and leverage the knowledge of the workforce. Want engagement, more learning from events, and to get in front of small issues before they are events? Talk to Bob!

– Charles, EHS Mgr.